Ah well here comes winter

and so we march on down the sun’s hill into winter

The view down the home hill


The outlook impressively dominated by the Cemex plant.

The biggest bugger you ever did see...




Musings in Space relates to in your ear

So off we go… I propose that the space I found should be the next place I want to record some sound…

As essentially it is an egg, the acoustic should be neat, so I thought that I might go there on a wee adventure like the one I did last sommer only in the winter… I think it might even be on the solstice axis thinking about It…. more pics of the scene herewith.

The bucket marks the spot...

I reckon that sitting on the bucket looking out of the door is a good view to sing to. Whilst the space has presence it doesn’t reverb like a tub, actually from memory it amplifies and projects sound like a megaphone. The roof curves like the roof of a mouth.

Roof detail

So that’s the soundstage…..

Bring on the performers!


Remember me?

It's Back!

Quick get the exterminators in...

Have you seen this before? let me know and where you found it before?

Bonfires and Bangers…

Bonfires and Bangers….

Bonfires and Bangers…

Well what do you know, its that time again.. new images from last night

Exit vertically stage left.....

Explosive Chrysanthemum

Paddy and the Harplady

Suck it and see.

a blast in your ear (maybe!)

name check